Safe and versatile compressed towel – 100% cotton

What is a compressed towel?

A compressed towel is a type of towel that only needs to put a few drops of hot or cold water, depending on the user’s needs, and will burst into a regular face towel.

Compressed towels are usually shaped like round or rectangular hard candies, made from user-friendly viscose nonwovens or cotton fabrics specifically used for the skin of the face.

The basic paperweight for hand wipes is 45-50gsm. The average face towel or hair towel is 85-90gsm with a common size of 24cmx30cm.

General features of 100% cotton shrinks

Comfortable & Soft Material

Soft and airy compressed cotton
                         Soft and airy compressed cotton

Made of high-quality non-woven material. Soft texture, refreshing texture, suitable for baby’s skin. Tough enough to clean the hardest mixture. Non-woven fabrics are chemically free and contain no artificial or chemical aromas.

Sensitive Muscular Fitness

The odorless wipes do not contain any irritating ingredients. No fragrance, no preservatives, no alcohol. It can be used with sensitive skin and can also be used to clean the baby’s face and hands. Please feel free to use it.

Absorbent & Easy to Use

Put it in cold water or warm water for a few seconds. After contact with water, the extruded super absorbent wipes immediately expand into a completely lint-free wipe and quickly absorb moisture in 3 seconds. It will expand and become a towel.

  • Notice: It looks like candy or pills. However, it is not edible. Please stay away from children.

Small &Portable

Small &Portable compressed towel
                 Small &Portable compressed towel

Each towel is compressed into a mini size and has a separate package. Small size, lightweight, and small footprint, no need to carry large towels or heavy wet wipes in your wallet or backpack. The size is like candy, small and portable, making your journey comfortable.

Widely Application

10 mini compressed towels. You can use it indoors, such as kitchen, hotel, bathroom, spa, office, etc. It is also suitable for outdoor use, such as travel, camping, similar outdoor activities, and business occasions.

Reasonable price

The price is extremely affordable when buying in large bags

How to use a compress

Step 1: Put tablets in a cup of water to cover the surface of the product.

Step 2: Wait for about 20s-30s for tablets to absorb enough water.

Step 3: Until the tablets absorb enough water, return to the original size, ready to use.

Compressed towel fully unfolded
                    Compressed towel fully unfolded

Step 4: For some product lines that can be washed again for reuse next time

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