Top 3 famous brands of compressed tissue in Vietnam

Compressed tissue is towels that only need to put a few drops of hot or cold water depending on the needs of the user to inflate into a regular face towel.

With an average amount of about 45-50gsm for a tissue, compact size, soft, smooth, super clean, skin-friendly non-woven fabric.

If you are wondering or do not know what to choose the best-compressed tissue today, in the article below, CarePlus will answer your questions.

What is compressed tissue?

Compressed tissue is usually shaped like round or rectangular hard candies, made from user-friendly nonwovens.

Tablets can be packaged in plastic bags or paper boxes of 50 to 500 tablets or wrapped in small candies suitable for field trips or business trips.

The usual size of tissue is 22x24cm, when compressed into a round member, the average diameter is about 1.5-2cm.

The basic paperweight for hand wipes is 45-50gsm. And the average 90gsm face towel or hair towel is 24cmx30cm.

The effect of compressed paper towels

  • Integrating a variety of usability features: Towel can be used to wipe hands, wash face, body hygiene or wipe car windows, wipe stains on the kitchen, or any other cleaning needs.
  • Compact, convenient to carry when going out
  • The price is extremely affordable when buying in large bags
  • The non-woven material creates certain flexibility for the product when in use, does not create paper crumbs as when using ordinary tissue.
  • There are many sizes, many shapes to suit the needs and purposes of each individual:

+ The form of tissue and candy tablets: packaging 1-1, suitable for going to work, going out, picnics in a short time …

Compressed tissue candy tablets
                                                Compressed tissue candy tablets

+ In the form of tissue, compressed in a tube, packed with 10-15 tablets/tube

Compressed tissue tube
                                                          Compressed tissue tube

+ The form of compressed paper towels in a large plastic box/bag, packed with 50-500 tablets suitable for domestic use

Top 3+ best-compressed paper towels today

Kiyomi compressed tissue

Kiyomi compressed tissue
                                                      Kiyomi compressed tissue

100% natural wood pulp

Kiyomi Japanese Multi-Purpose Napkin Box Kiyomi originated from Japan, is manufactured on modern technological lines under a rigorous process of control. Compressed towels are made from 100% natural wood pulp, easy to absorb water, with good elasticity; No adhesive layer, so the towel is extremely clean for you to use.

Easy to use

You just need to put the tablet in water, in less than 2 seconds, the tablet will expand into a towel and you can use it in many different things. Towels are very tough and durable for a long time of use. Shape 1 x 2 cm round pellets after being added to the baking soda to form a 22 x 24 cm towel.

Soft, safe for all skin types

Kiyomi compresses have a breathable mesh design, extremely soft and gentle, a pleasant scent, safe for all skin types, especially sensitive skin of babies.

Environmental friendliness

Because it is composed entirely of natural rayon, does not use chemicals, so the product is completely eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Suitable for all subjects

You can use a Kiyomi towel to wipe sweat, clean your face, and towels for adults and children are all suitable and safe. In particular, unlike other towels, Kiyomi towels after using can be washed, dried, and reused for other purposes, so it is very economical for the whole family.

Katoji compressed paper towels

Made in Viet Nam
Material: natural wood pulp
Color: white
Specification: 10 tablets / bag
Size: 2cm diameter pellets
Package size: 14×10.5 cm
Weight: 440gr.

Katoji compressed tissue
                                             Katoji compressed tissue

Combo 100 Katoji candy-shaped high-end compressed paper tissue made from natural wood pulp, odorless, no harmful chemicals, safe for the health of users. Using modern compression technology, compact size, cute as a candy, convenient to carry and use anytime, anywhere.

Simple to use: put a tissue in 5ml of water, after 2 seconds you will have a wet, soft, tough, durable, clean, sterile, and fresh towel. Can be used dry, wet, hot, cold, or can be flavored with essential oils. Self-biodegradable products, environmentally friendly. Convenient 1-time use, including 100 tablets, for you to comfortably use.

Combo 100 Katoji candy-shaped high-end compressed

Wet wipes in the form of Aqua Tissue tablets

Aqua Tissue is a brand of compressed towels manufactured according to American and European standards and is accredited to American quality standards.

These towels are made of 100% natural ingredients, they have no smell like the wet towels on the market, no colors, no preservatives. Like Katoji, Aqua Tissue compresses can be left intact or separated into a dry towel or poured water into a wet towel. Therefore, Aqua Tissue compressors will also be the first choice for you.

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