Viscose fabrics and applications in the manufacture of compressed paper towels

What is a viscose fabric?

Conventional viscose when not made into fabric they are called rayon, but when they become a rayon fabric will be called viscose, this is a semi-synthetic fabric. Before being clothed, rayon was a liquid like honey that, after being cooled, became solid.

The material used to make fibers is the fiber of regenerated cellulose fibers from trees such as soybeans, sugarcane, bamboo, … Viscose has a structure similar to cotton and is widely used in many fields.

Viscose fabric
                                                     Viscose fabric

Viscose fabric production process

Step 1: Grind cellulose raw material, then dissolve it in sodium hydroxide solution to form alkaline cellulose. Impurities are removed in the process. To achieve purity, the cellulose ratio must reach 90%.

Step 2: Alkaline cellulose is treated with carbon disulfide to form cellulose natrixanthate. Rayon fibers are then produced from solutions from mineral acids such as sulfuric acid, in this process, the xanthate groups are broken down to regenerate cellulose and release dithiocarbonic acids.

Step 3: The condensate solution is pushed through the extruder to produce viscose fibers. These are called derivative cellulose fibers. The fibers are soaked in sulfuric acid solution then pulled and washed

Step 4: Viscose fiber will be pulled into and weaved into large size fabric for use.

Viscose fabric properties

Application of viscose fabrics in the manufacture of paper towels
      Application of viscose fabrics in the manufacture of paper towels

Advantages of material


Viscose fabric uses natural wood pulp, so it has a much higher biodegradability than artificial fabrics such as nylon, polyester …

Light, breathable

Viscose fabric is relatively light, with excellent moisture-absorbing air, bringing the best comfort to the user. This is an ideal material to produce tissue, suitable for carrying when users need to move a lot


The burning pain and discomfort caused by the rough surface is minimized when using this product. Material suitable for all subjects. You can use a tissue made of viscose cloth to wipe sweat, clean your face. Towels for both adults and children are suitable and safe.

Resistant to acids

Viscose is resistant to acids. Viscose costumes also keep in good shape, you can use the washing machine to save effort and time cleaning.

Affordable price

Disadvantages of material


Due to being made of wood pulp, viscose fabric is very flammable. The abrasion resistance of the fabric is also very poor.

Easy to relax

Viscose fabric has an unimpressive strength, easy to stretch, and difficult to restore its shape.

Viscose fabric classification

Conventional Viscose

This is the most used fabric, applied in the garment industry, home furnishings such as tablecloths, curtains, to the manufacture of cleaning cloths, towels, disposable face towels. …

Viscose HWM Rayon fabric

This Viscose fabric has very high moisture absorption, high durability to avoid stretching when washing a lot


High strength Rayon is used mainly in industrial textiles that require durability and withstand large loads or products such as tires, automobile belts.

Application of viscose fabric

Application in the garment industry

Compressed tissue tablets
                                                    Compressed tissue tablets

Viscose fabric is commonly used in the textile industry to replace silk, lowering production costs. Products using this material include ski wear, casual clothing, shirts, and lightweight jackets. In addition, fabrics are used to create sheets, blankets, and curtains.

In particular, with the above outstanding features, viscose fabric is a suitable material for the production of compressed paper towels, compressed face towels …

Other applications

Thanks to its flexibility in production, low cost, viscose is used in many other fields such as cellophane production, sausage cases, tires, car belts, …

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