What is Nano silver? Applications of nano silver technology in fields.

What is Nano silver?

Silver Nano is also known as Nano Silver. These are nano-sized silver particles (1 nanometer = 1 billionth of a meter). Thanks to nanotechnology, it will help to split silver molecules in the smallest size (nanometer), thereby increasing the surface area of ​​silver and the antibacterial ability to many times. Therefore, nano-silver can kill bacteria and fungi immediately upon contact.

Applications of nano silver technology
                                                   Applications of nano silver technology

Outstanding features of nano silver

      • Ability to kill bacteria, kill viruses, fight re-infections, fight fungi, and deodorize effectively.
      • Safe for humans: They cause almost no toxicity when used in permissible levels, without affecting the surrounding environment. Fast bactericidal effect, does not cause irritation, allergies and by-products.
      • Ability to absorb and deposition ions, organic substances, and other antibiotic residues in water sources.
      • Does not affect nutrients in food.
      • Not modified by normal redox agents in the medium.
      • Applied in many different fields with high efficiency such as aquaculture, aquaculture, healthcare …
      • No color, harmful smell.
      • Long and effective antibacterial time.

Why does nano silver have a strong bactericidal effect?

Silver nano has strong antibacterial ability
                                        Silver nano has strong antibacterial ability

The strong bactericidal ability is due to the very large surface energy of silver nanoparticles that when exposed to water they become a “repository” for the gradual release of silver ions into solution, resulting in the The silver in stock is not inactivated by the ingredients in the solution as is the case with silver salts.

The newly released silver ions from the surface of the silver nanoparticles interact with peptidoglican groups and inhibit their ability to carry oxygen into the cell, leading to bacterial paralysis.

Application of nano-silver technology

In daily activities

      • Nanoparticles have a very large surface area to increase their contact with bacteria or fungi so that they have a bactericidal effect on contact. Therefore, using nano silver to disinfect cups, bowls, bowls, cups and household items is an optimal solution.
      • Integrate into household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners for antibacterial and deodorizing effects
      • Disinfect children’s utensils: toys, bottles, pacifiers, baby clothes
      • Disinfect the wound
      • Eliminate odors caused by bacteria. Users can spray solution containing Silver Nano on places with unpleasant odors such as shoes, wardrobes. The deodorizing effect of nano silver is also commonly applied in the fabrication of socks containing silver nanofibers to eliminate odors.
      • Health care products: antibacterial soap, toothbrush … coated or contained nano silver.
      • Worldwide, this technology is widely applied in oral care products such as dental floss, toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash. Silver nano in oral care products helps to eliminate bacteria, viruses that cause canker sores, effectively prevent canker recurrence if used daily.
      • Currently, nano silver is a technology widely used in household appliances and daily life. This material is often used to coat the inner surface of household appliances, water bottle core … to have an antibacterial effect and bacteria in food, especially Ecoli bacteria – the culprit of the disease. about the digestive tract.

In agriculture

      • Prevention and treatment of diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses (completely replacing chemical pesticides used to prevent and treat diseases in plants). Regular use of Silver Nano periodically according to the growth and development stages of plants helps plants prevent proactive and remote disease prevention, reduce costs in plant protection, increase agricultural product value.
      • Nano Silver clears diseases: twisted leaves, curled leaves, green wilt, bacteria wilt.

In the medical field

      • Sterilization and sterilization of medical devices
      • Nano-coated bandages treat burns and prevent bone infections
      • Masks to prevent influenza and measles



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